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- Jun 13, 2024

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What Sets Us Apart

Beautiful Together – that is exactly how you will feel on an Olivia vacation. With Olivia, you are part of something much bigger. Something truly unique and extraordinary. Our vacations are all lesbian and LGBTQ+ women all the time. From the minute you step foot on your vacation, you’ll feel the joy of being with women from all walks of life – in all the beautiful shapes, sizes, ages, abilities and colors of the rainbow. Olivia always charters the entire ship, resort, riverboat or land tour so that you can be free to be authentically you while on vacation.

Our Vacations

At Olivia, we’re doing something special. We’re all LGBTQ+ women, all the time! All Olivia trips—whether big cruises and resorts, intimate riverboat and luxury trips, or off-the-beaten-track adventure tours—are created specifically for our community. We charter entire ships, resorts, and excursions so you can feel completely free to be you.

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Our Programs

Liv it Up! Our signature programs offer something for everyone. Gather with other women in uniform and share stories, connect with women of color at our Sisters at Sea and at Play gatherings, meet other Solo travelers at our incredibly popular Solos events, play cards or socialize with our OWLs (older, wiser, lesbians) or take part in our Gen-O programming for Olivians 40 and under. You just might need a vacation after your vacation.

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All laughs with Elvira Kurt on the Caribbean Cruise
Our Entertainment

With our roots deep in women’s music, we have a direct line to outstanding lesbian and LGBTQ+ artists and icons such as Cris Williamson, Indigo Girls, Karen Williams, Lily Tomlin, Gina Yashere, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Elvira Kurt, Roxanna Ward, Vickie Shaw, Lisa Koch, DJ Rockaway, and hundreds more.

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Our Team

Olivia started nearly five decades ago as Olivia Records, a game-changing women’s music label led by President and Founder Judy Dlugacz. The label changed hearts and minds and helped launch the careers of many legendary women artists. Then in 1990, with the same spirit of community and adventure, Olivia Travel was born. Since then we have taken nearly 300,000 lesbians and LGBTQ+ women on over 300 vacations around the world. We bring a dedicated team of Olivians on every trip, whose number one goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for you.

Olivia Founder and CEO Judy Dlugacz back in 1973