Jamie Granger

Jamie Granger is a globally recognized personal trainer and fitness influencer with 13+ years of experience. She has traveled the world speaking about healthy lifestyle habits, best fitness practices, and sharing her love for life and adventure. With a goal of training and educating the individual, Granger delivers a full body and mind transformation unique to each client.

Jamie’s journey into fitness started at a very young age and really began to develop when she started studying athletic training in High School. Her love for physiology and the human body led her to studying Exercise physiology while receiving a full Division 1 basketball scholarship. Over the course of her 13 years in the industry, Granger has been able to hone in a style as unique as her adventurous upbringing. With a concept of Fuel, Move, Live, she believes that proper nutrition is the key to unlocking our greatest potential, moving to strengthen, prevent injury and enhance soft tissue function, and living adventurously while recovering purposefully. By bringing this concept to her clients she is able to provide the most well-rounded approach not just to human performance, but to living a happier and more mindful life.

After landing in Los Angeles in 2007, Granger was quickly recognized as a go-to trainer for some of Hollywood's elite. She is most known for her work with Rihanna and as a former Puma training ambassador, but has also worked with members of  the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, and USA Women’s Soccer.