DJ Campbell

DJ Campbell has delivered over a decade of historic and notorious parties in San Francisco, including Hot Pants, Rebel Girl, and Flourish (featured in the Real L-Word). Add on their long-standing DJ run at the famed Lexington Club dive bar, and mainstage appearances at SF Dyke March and SF Pride, and you’ll appreciate why DJ Campbell holds an iconic status in the SF queer party scene.

It all started with house parties in San Francisco in the late 1990’s. Inspired by the art scene and underground clubs, DJ Campbell was known for serving up an eclectic mix of genres from dance music to indie and pop. The house parties were a launchpad to guest spots at some of the most popular queer dance parties of the era. DJ Campbell’s 1997 nightclub debut at JUNK (The Stud, SF) is captured in Chloe Sherman’s queer documentary photography book “Renegades”.

DJ Campbell is the Chief Technology Officer at YR Media in Oakland, California, feeding their passion for media production.  YR Media is a national network, media, technology, and music training center and platform for emerging BIPOC & LGBTQAI+ content creators.

Motivated to counteract the impact of the pandemic on the LGBTQAI+ community, DJ Campbell’s latest events have focused on uplifting queer joy. You can find them spinning with the collective “A Family Affair” at El Rio in San Francisco, at the annual Pride Day party at Casements in the Mission, and in NYC at “So Emotional”, a reboot of their original sing-a-long love song dance party. DJ Campbell has delivered fun dance parties for Olivians since 2006 and they are excited to dig into their genre-expansive collection to spin the songs you love and make memories for life!


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