Yoli Mayor

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Yoli Mayor has mastered a fusion of sounds as multicultural as her hometown. The 26-year-old singer first gained her voice through The Magic City's burgeoning underground music scene, quickly becoming a regular at community events, open mics, and intimate venues around town. Her trademark Latin-Pop sound earned the attention of award-winning publications like The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post and Downtown Magazine(NYC) who dubbed her as "The Cuban Adele". Partnering with award-winning local musicians and producers, she eventually came into her own, shedding the attachment to her roots and finding her unique, passion-fueled voice.  

In 2017, she made her national debut as a Semi-Finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent where her infectious personality and powerful voice built her a community of passionate followers eager to follow her along her path. Mayor represented Miami again, when she appeared on American idol is 2022 for their platinum season. Mayor has continued to build her community by contributing towards organizations such as; Equality Florida Institute, Make-a-Wish Foundation, OperationSmile, N.I.C.k.S Camp Chira Family Foundation, Children’s Bereavement Center, Camila’s House, the LGBTQ task force, Taste of the Redlands, Stone Wall’s Pride 50th year anniversary, and multiple Pride festivals within Florida.  

The South Florida performer is known for her multifaceted sound, inhabiting a myriad of genres in a single showcase--from R&B, Hip Hop, to Pop, and Salsa, to name a few. She names such vocal powerhouses as Sarah Vaughn, Celia Cruz and Sade as musical influences--a credit to a depth of musical maturity well beyond her years. Mayor believes that music is a form of communication, between singer and audience, among musicians, and between the audience members themselves--and inspires conversation with every performance.  

She has shared the stage with some of the world's most notable acts, performing alongside names like Steven Tyler, Marlos Rosado and Tito Puentes Jr, among many others. This power to command stages of every size continues to be one of the most significant reasons she is called upon for performances during each new venture of South Florida’s growth, from national anthems at the beloved Orange Bowl to the latest opening of the Inter Miami CF Stadium and most recently opening the main stage of Okeechobee Fest in March 2022--qualifying as her first Major festival performance as a main act. On March 11th, 2022, Mayor released her first Spotify single, "Malamente Cover by Yoli Mayor_"--a landmark moment that is sure to be followed by many more to come. Mayor is now working with an entirely Cuban band Named “La Ponina” bringing her roots to center stage moving forward for the soulful songstress. 


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