DJ Lady Char

One of the Sacramento's most prominent and musically diverse DJ’s, with club residencies all over California and Nevada. Char travels all over the Bay Area on a weekly basis rocking dance floors with pride. Char has a strong love of not just playing music, but being an active part of the community and our youth. She is an open format DJ who loves to genre hop during her sets, offering each night as a musical journey to her followers.  

Lady Char was raised in the 707 and found her love for music in the beautiful Bay. Char grew up with a family who surrounded themselves with music and dancing and through them she gained a very broad musical taste (80’s, Souls, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative and even Country.) She was introduced to House Music during the late 90’s rave scene and this then paved the way towards her musical career. 

In early 2016 Char started her own after school DJ youth enrichment program where she educates and inspires youth through music and DJ culture. You can find out more about Love Beat DJ Workshops HERE.  

Char takes pride in creating an unforgettable experience for all, in every event she takes part in, big or small. She hopes to move you with music, beats that touch your soul and make you forget about the daily stresses in life. Lady Char is all about love and positivity, she promotes equality and loves to support all those with like minds.  


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