DJ Olga T

A Puerto Rican lover of all things music, dogs, community and human connection through the language of rhythm and beats, born in NYC and raised in San Francisco, Olga T has an exceptional style of DJing that never fails to grab your attention on the dance floor. This northern California legend is known for masterfully transitioning through nearly every genre of music and always being committed to working with the original Technics 1200 turntables while making creative use of ever evolving digital accessories.  DJing for the past 20 years while producing legendary Bay Area events (Mango SF, Good Times Oakland), spinning at major corporate gigs (Salesforce, Oracle, etc.), previous Olivia trips and events as well as queer festivals (SF Pride, Folsom SF) year-round in addition to teaching DJ classes, creating exclusive remixes, edits and mixtapes is Olga T's fulltime passion.  

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