Christelle Durandy

Christelle Durandy’s artistry is a mosaic: a cross-cultural jazz combination that draws upon a vast spectrum of Soul, Caribbean and Latin inspirations. The melodic threads of her musicianship transcend borders and weave an international music fabric rooted in her loyal love for percussion, polyrhythm and for words and languages’ rhythmic concepts.

Christelle heads her ensemble “Cinq Têtes” (Sanktet) and the all-female World/Latin music collective Cocomama, in which she exhibits her talent as a writer, arranger and performer.

Preserving her stylings, Christelle has brought her musical colors to diverse projects:Paul Carlon Octet, Edward Perez Festejation. She has been featured with Toshi Reagon and Allison Miller “Celebrate the Great Women of Blues and Jazz”, John Benitez, Luis Enrique, La India, Max Pollak Rumba Tap, Ricky Ford and Ze Big Band, Ran Blake, Climbing Poetree, just to name a few.

In 2017, Christelle collaborated with the iconic dance troupe of Krissy Keefer, Dance Brigade, to become the musical director of their 40th anniversary celebration ”Gracias a la Vida".

Christelle has recently joined, as a lead singer, Pacific Mambo Orchestra, 2013 Grammy Award Winner for Best Latin Tropical Album.

Of Reunion Island and French West Indies ancestry, Christelle Durandy combines colors of a rich tapestry of musical experiences as she began performing and touring at an early age with her family-based troupe in France. Under their guidance, she honed in on musical skills that she later developed during her apprenticeship in Europe, Cuba, and the U.S. Christelle has continually garnered critical praise for her passionate and fierce live performances, and has mesmerized audiences worldwide.

"The timbre and temperament of Durandy's voice has that rare quality of being able to transport the listener to an ethereal place." — DimitryEkshtut, Jazz Improv Magazine