Gina Breedlove

”In Goddess culture gina Breedlove is a vocal priestess, leaving her privileged audience the recipients of her pure Spirit and deep vocal well”- holly near 

The creative force of gina Breedlove is as dangerous and delightful as this earth we share. Singer, Songwriter, Sound Healer & Medicine Woman, gina was born in Brooklyn, NY. 

She began performing at age 15, singing back up for the incomparable Phyllis Hyman. Since, gina has toured all over the world with artists who, like herself, define and redefine genre; Harry Belafonte, Toshi Reagon, Ronny Jordan, Ani Difranco, Craig Harris, and Sekou Sundiata, to name a few.  

She calls her music Folksoul, a coalescence of Rhythm & Blues, with story telling cadences of Folk, Soul, and the gospel truth. Folksoul is music that lifts the Spirit, opens the heart and allows one to find their way. Breathing into the Sound of this woman’s voice, gina embodies healing artistry. An Actress as well, gina created the role of “Sarabi” for the Broadway production of “The Lion King”, and recently appears in 2 Spike Lee films, ”Living Da Dream” for NBA 2k16 and “Chiraq“. 

With folksoul, gina Breedlove has invented a delectable melange,  a contemporary sound with classic orchestration and an irresistible groove. It is indeed the medicine many of us have been waiting for. It’s music that celebrates the lives we struggle to build, and represents a courageous kind of beauty– that essential antidote to what ails us. Simply put, we need this. “gina‘s voice is sheer revelry, and her beauty captures your heart & mind” -jazztimes