Lucie Blue Tremblay

Beginning in March 2020, Lucie Blue began producing livestreams for you (her tribe) twice a week called “Jammin’ In My Jammies” and created special ZOOM events as well, in the18 months that followed. No one would be alone. Inspiration fueled Lucie during these isolating times. Her latest CD was born with a special message that, “everything was going to be okay”.

The production and tracks travelled by internet and communication with the band all happened through ZOOM since Canada closed its borders to the world and Nova Scotia closed its border to other Canadian provinces. Once it was safe Lucie travelled to Quebec to complete her guitar and vocal tracks.

Olivia’s 50th Anniversary Cruise was Lucie’s first and last performance in 2023. Having suffered an injury shortly after, Lucie Blue underwent shoulder, bicep repair and rehab.

2023 was eventful yet filled with surprises. Lucie was commissioned to write and produce the song “You Are My Family” for the Cancer Care PAW Program. PAW offers financial support to help clients keep their pets home and cared for, while clients go through chemo and radiation treatment.

Hearing Lucie Blue live in concert is a personal and moving experience and though she sometimes sings of the powerful storm we are living in, she always and carefully brings us back to the beauty right in front of us. It is refreshing to witness the freedom and liberation of this songwriter as some may remember her early immigration issues when she self disclosed as a lesbian in the Mid 80’s. She is now a full-fledged dual citizen of Canada and the USA.

In the summer you can find Lucie and her wife Pat managing their lovely rental property in Nova Scotia called The Princess and the Sea. It’s hard to leave Paradise, NS but knowing you’ll all be on the other end has Lucie looking forward to cruising with Olivia again and getting a chance to re-launch this her CD “So Many Wows” in person.

“The best thing about Lucie's music in the past is that when it was first heard, it was always current. It touched where you, and the rest of us, were living at that time. Her latest CD “So Many Wows” is no exception. Her voice is warmer and richer and sweeter than ever, and its songs will keep playing in your head even after you've pulled out the earbuds.” ©2022.ShellyRoberts.


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