Shelley Doty

SHELLEY DOTY has a voluminous career as a solo artist, band leader, band member, hired gun, and musical director, among other things. Shelley’s comprehensive styles include jazz, fusion, R&B, “avant-punk-classical”, rock and acoustic folk. At various junctures on her musical journey, Shelley has been involved with Jambay, The Shelley Doty X-tet, Sistas in the Pit, Skip the Needle, Vicki Randle, Bonfire Madigan, and the list goes on. In 1999, she won the Lilith Fair Acoustic Talent Search and closed the show playing guitar with Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, and Chrissie Hynde in front of 22,000 cheering fans.  

For the past several years, Shelley has also concentrated on expanding her skill set behind the magic curtain. Driven by her soundtrack work, she has focused some of her creative energy toward Music Production in her own home studio. Using her main tools Propellerheads Reason and Digidesign ProTools, as well as her extensive virtual rolodex of world class musicians, Shelley generates exciting and unique sound for picture.