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- Apr 22, 2024

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Ten Reasons to Book with Olivia

There are so many good reasons to book a trip with Olivia that it’s almost impossible to list them all, but here are the top ten to whet your appetite! 

First, there is no better value. Truly. When you break down the price of your vacation per night, it’s amazing what you get. It’s just one all-inclusive price for your cruise cabin or resort room, all your meals and snacks, plus all your entertainment —from comedians to singers to speakers to workshops to activities like pool games, karaoke, and “game shows.” It’s all in there and it’s all for a great price.  

Second, there’s the interest-free Olivia six-month payment plan or the ability to extend your payments up to 24 months with Uplift. So, you don’t have to pay all at once and you can budget ahead. Going on vacation is all about relaxing: knowing you have all sorts of payment options allows you to do exactly that.  

Third reason to book? Because your travels don’t have to start and end with your cruise. Leaving from San Diego? Arrive a couple days early, or extend your post-cruise stay and visit the Gaslamp quarter and other local landmarks. Round-trip from San Juan? Get your history on with visits to Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo de San Cristóbal. Indulge in retail therapy with a visit to Ole Puerto Rico for a bespoke hat or to HANDMADE Puerto Rico for custom espadrilles. 

Reason number four: Olivia cruises always feature the best ports of call. Our Caribbean stops offer zip lining across the jungle, up-close-and-personal visits with sea-life friends like seals and dolphins, sunset cruises, fishing excursions, horseback riding, and opportunities to explore iconic historic sites.  

Our Alaskan cruises offer glacier viewing, wildlife photography opportunities, and dog sledding. Our European trips offer the chance to wander the museums, visit historic architectural, and to dine on local delights. Our resort and adventure trips are always to the very best spots with breathtaking vistas and fun things to do.  

The season is the reason when it comes to number five. No matter the season, Olivia strives to plan trips that allow you to enjoy the best in weather and wildlife, from bears in Alaska in the early fall to dolphins in Mexico during their migratory season. Of course, when it comes to an Olivia trip, there’s never a time when having the vacation of a lifetime is out of season.  

Reason six is the chance to take all the best pictures. Whatever the itinerary, you can count on enjoying the most incredible views from spectacular sunsets to infinite horizons to ancient ruins to glorious beaches. Olivia offers sites to see that you won’t soon forget. 

The seventh reason is that no matter which ship we charter, or which resort we take over, we always make sure it’s just right. From ships large and small, to resorts grand and intimate, you don’t have to be Goldilocks to enjoy the perfect fit. 

Reason eight is for those thinking about traveling solo. Do it! You won’t be alone. Around 20% of guests on each Olivia cruise and trip are single and we always make sure to offer plenty of activities to break the ice. You’ll never be at a loss for things to do or people to do them with.  

And number nine is that there is always incredible entertainment and programming on every Olivia trip. That means outstanding lineups of entertainers, speakers, and events. And, of course, Olivia always offers the best DJs to keep the party going. 

And, last but certainly not least, number ten. You guessed it. One of the best reasons to travel on Olivia is that we always charter the entire ship or take over the entire resort. This means you can always feel free to be yourself. And there is no better feeling than being you and, of course, being beautiful together.