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- May 23, 2024

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Notes from the Field: Olivia's 2023 Galapagos Adventure Cruise

What a great trip this was for our guests; for all of us!

We had an all-female staff of Naturalists and Videographer – one of them a lesbian who has heard the Olivia was so famous in the Galapagos, and everyone wants to work on our trip! Not just those that are gay, but everyone! We last minute got Yadira, a local lesbian who lives in the Galapagos, on the ship as a crew member – she always brings the great energy, and this is the only time she is around so many lesbians. It keeps her going and wow, what a dancer!

The ship was beautiful and coming on board I was blown away, not just how gorgeous the ship is, but having the crew welcome us like we are family. So many coming from the other ship we used for many years, and some new staff – all embraced us like family.

From the first day the animals were coming out for us! Galapagos penguins were super playful with each other and we watched as they played and sped by us while snorkeling and in the zodiacs. Sea turtles were hatching and making their way to the ocean , running down the sand while frigates saw it as a feast. The women created a safe lane for several of the babies to make their way to the water. Of course we did!

We saw a humpback whale and her baby tail slap along side our ship for about 15 minutes, sea lions were super playful alongside the kayaks (one even jumped on top of one of our guests kayaks) while another grabbed a tow rope on my kayak and pulled me a few yards. Later that night over 50 Galapagos sharks surrounded our ship as they were attracted to the light. What a sight! The are nocturnal, so during the day we watched them sleep under rocks while snorkeling.

We had a rainbow at the end of the trip, and hundreds of Blue Footed Boobies enticed us for 10 minutes as we took a boat to the airport. It truly was magical!

Jill Cruse

Vice President, Guest Experience