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- Apr 22, 2024

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A Gay Gal’s Top Five Bucket List of Vacation Destinations by Jenny Block

Everyone has a different one. But nearly everyone has one. The travel bucket list! Here are five destinations that always seem to top of the of those lists year after year, including those interested in lesbian travel.


There’s just something about Alaska. It’s like another world, and unlike any other place in the US. The wildlife, the glaciers, the adventures. There are so many beautiful things to see and so many exciting things to do on an Alaska cruise. You can take a helicopter to a glacier for a morning hike. You can go dog sledding through the snow. Or you can bundle up and sit on the balcony of your cruise ship cabin and simply take in all of the wonder. And an Alaska cruise would make for a great single lesbian vacation too!

Galapagos Islands

Being in the Galapagos is like going back in time – going back to a prehistoric time. It makes a stellar lesbian getaway! You can cruise island to island and find yourself immersed in a new adventure every day. Swim with the penguins. Hike the rocky terrain. Watch the blue footed boobies do their famous mating dance. Every day in the Galapagos is bound to be a surprise. Plus the diversity of wildlife is so intense in such a small geographic space that it’s the birthplace of Darwin’s important theories of evolution. How cool is that?


There are few people who don’t dream of going on safari. You can see wild animals in their wild habit. See the animals. Soak in the culture. Meet the people. And learn why places like Kenya and Tanzania have long topped the bucket lists of so many travelers. You won’t want to miss Nairobi; Ngorongoro Conservation Area; Serengeti National Park; and Maasai Mara. Prepare to take photographs and make memories that are sure to last you a lifetime.


A cruise starting and ending in Athens is a great way to check Greece off your bucket list. And Greece is ideal for a romantic lesbian vacation. Take in a Santorini sunset; explore the wonders of Crete; feel the medieval presence in picturesque Rhodes; marvel at the ancient cities of Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey; and soak in the sun on Mykonos. And Greek food. Don’t get me started. The only trouble is, you just might not want to ever stop adventuring in a place with histories and cultures spanning more than 2,000 years. Opa!

New Zealand

It’s no wonder New Zealand lands on so many people’s bucket lists. It has it all - from rolling green hills to charming coastal towns to gorgeous coastline on the North and South Islands. When it comes to lesbian adventure cruises, it’s a top destination. And if you take a cruise, you can taste a little bit of everything - hike a portion of the world-famous Queen Charlotte Track; get a glimpse of whales, dolphins, fur seals, albatross, or even the Yellow-eyed Penguin (the world’s rarest penguin!); cruise through the Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and take in all the beauty - and the surprises! – New Zealand has to offer.

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