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- Apr 22, 2024

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Notes from the Field: Olivia's 2023 Egypt, Nile Cruise & Jordan

The end of another epic Olivia trip! 

We started in Cairo, Egypt for 6 nights, flew to Luxor and boarded a beautiful ship for 5 nights on the Nile, flew from Aswan to Cairo and spent 2 more nights in Cairo, then flew to Amman, Jordan and spent 4 nights in Jordan in Amman, a beautiful hotel in Petra the was a 500 year old village converted to a hotel, and 2 nights on the Dead Sea. All 88 of us traveled safely without incident, enjoyed all the sites, learned so much, made great friends and had so much fun!

We had 4 great staff that I am so proud of and grateful for leading their groups with professionalism, care and with a great sense of humor and leadership. Thank you to  Cara, Angela, Gabby and Lettie. Most every guest I spoke to had nothing but praise for our staff and the entire experience. From the hugs and smiles on our last evening, we leave feeling we all did our very best and provided an exceptional experience for our guests. Thanks to all 88 of us for your bravery to overcome any fears or anxiety about traveling at this time to the middle east, your kindness and FUN!!!  Our operators were so glad we came and expressed so much gratitude. And, as we always do, we educate the local people we work with and leave the world a little better being ourselves. The entire staff and crew of our ship, the service staff who we worked with at the hotels, and the Egypt and Jordan guides now have a more positive impression and understanding of Olivia, and they had a great time with us too!   

Thank you for another epic Olivia vacation!!!

Jill Cruse

Vice President, Guest Experience