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- Apr 18, 2024

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Common Misconceptions about going on a Lesbian/LGBTQ+ Women’s Vacation by Jenny Block

There are so many misconceptions out there about organized LBGTQ+ and lesbian vacations. Don’t let these circulated and recirculated myths keep you from enjoying the time of your life! Which of these have you heard?

1) That everyone on the trip will be old.

They aren’t. I know that sounds too simple. But that’s because it’s all too true. Not everyone is old. Lesbian vacations attract all kinds of interesting people of all kinds of ages.  Besides, age is really just a number. We all know younger people who will skip a night out at all costs, and we all know someone older who can burn the whole party down. But the truth is, most organized lesbian vacations have representation of every generation. And that’s a good thing! There’s nothing wrong with having a Golden Girl as a bestie! Just call me a friend of Dorothy.

2) That everyone will be too young.

Nope. Not at all. No such thing as “everyone” anything on an LGBTQ+ vacation, except maybe that “everyone” has something unique to offer and that goes for anyone of any age. And don’t forget that most trips have programming that caters to interests and sometimes age groups. People on LGBTQ+ vacations are just the right age… to have a good time!

3) That everyone is white.

Also not true. Thank goodness! LGBTQ+ vacations are filled with diverse people from all sorts of backgrounds. That’s the exciting part! You get the chance to be with people like you and not like you. Isn’t that the way the world should be?

4) That it's just about partying.

No way. That’s the very thing that’s so remarkable about planning your LGBTQ+ vacation – it’s yours! You can do as little or as much partying as you like. Like to stay up late? Great! Like to hit the hay early and get an early start? Equally great! For every yoga class there’s late night comedy set. Lesbian vacations have their share of loud, wild pool parties, as well as relaxed, quiet acoustic environments. Most resorts and cruises now even have a quiet pool and a party pool. And if you are into sober tourism, any Lesbian vacation company that knows what’s up will make sure that there are sober meetings integrated into the programming, and ways to signal to the resort that a guest isn’t interested in partying.

5) That you should only go if you are in a couple.

This is a biggie. That is, it’s a biggie on the “not at all!” scale. LGBTQ+ vacations are great for couples, friend groups, family pairings, and singles. Not every trip has to be a romantic lesbian vacation. Forgot about the “shoulds” and think about the “woulds!” And in the grand scheme of things, is there a better place to meet more women for friends or more - than a cruise or a resort where you will literally be vacationing with over a thousand LGBTQ+ women?

6) That you scan only go solo.

Going on an LGBTQ+ vacation solo just might be one of the most amazing adventures to undertake! Make friends. Try things you’ve always to. Reinvent yourself. Maybe meet a partner. Nothing is holding you back when you go solo! Most lesbian vacations will feature awesome solo programming – giving you a bespoke vacation program to meet people who are also there by themselves. So if you choose to have solitary time, you’ll be fine. But if you’re worried about being lonely – it just won’t be. And remember, solo doesn’t necessarily mean single. Some of the best couples we know sometimes decide to vacation separately. Solo means YOLO. Enjoy!

7) That is is too expensive.

LGBTQ+ vacations come in all shapes and sizes and prices. Keep in mind when you shop, what each offer comes with. A package might seem expensive, but if it includes all of your food and even some drinks, like on an Olivia cruise, for example, it just might be a better deal than you think! And these days there are so many options to save up or pay monthly for a vacation. Spend responsibly, but also remember that experiences and memories like this are priceless.

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