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- Jul 25, 2024

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7 Ways in 7 Days: Honoring Mother Earth This Earth Week

Day 1: Plant a Tree

Trees combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing habitat for wildlife. Start your Earth Week journey by planting a tree through our partner Trees4Travel, a platform dedicated to reforestation efforts around the globe. Whether you participate in a community tree planting event or donate to support tree planting initiatives, every tree makes a difference in preserving our planet for future generations. You can plant a tree in our Olivia Forest in Nepal. The planting efforts we support are dedicated to planting lasting trees that diversify the natural ecology by planting native trees which over time will foster and sustain a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna.

Click here to plant a tree and learn more about our forest:

Day 2: Support Gender Equity, Community Empowerment, and Reforestation

Founded by a group of radical women, Olivia, has always strived to empower women, bolster female independence, and protect women's freedom. Every initiative we choose to support has this mission in mind, and it is what guides us in our selection process. Our forest project is not only great for reforesting in Nepal, but it has a specific element that helps women gain economic freedom. The planting project employs predominantly women, especially in management positions, which is uncommon in Nepal. We hope that you appreciate our efforts in supporting female advancement globally. Click here to learn more about our forest in Nepal:

Day 3: Carry Reusable Essentials

At this point we all know the importance of reducing the use of single-use plastics as they end up in landfills or in the worst cases, in our oceans harming our beloved marine life. We have partnered with Fairware, a B-Corp certified women owned company to bring you Olivia merchandise including water bottles and reusable totes. Join us in reducing our plastic waste by carrying your own reusable water bottle and shopping bag. Visit the Olivia Travel Store for eco-friendly alternatives that are stylish and sustainable. Ditching disposable plastic bottles and bags minimizes your environmental footprint and promotes a culture of reuse over waste.

Day 4: Respect Marine Life with Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Protect coral reefs and marine ecosystems by using reef-safe sunscreen and following local protocols when swimming or snorkeling. Chemicals found in conventional sunscreens can harm coral reefs and marine life, so opt for reef-safe alternatives that are free of harmful ingredients. By making informed choices, you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean while minimizing your impact on fragile marine ecosystems. This will be particularly important for our upcoming Maldives Adventure Cruises in 2025. You will have the opportunity to see marine life many can only dream of seeing.

Day 5: Travel Responsibly

We know that making vacation decisions is a big deal and we also know that you want to make the right choices. We all know that our travel has an impact on the earth. What is important is finding ways to travel that prioritizes environmental responsibility and supporting local communities. At Olivia we understand that importance and strive to be conscientious of our impact everywhere we go. Our partners at Lindblad-National Geographic are going above and beyond with their sustainability initiatives, they are carbon neutral, donate to local causes, and contribute to research initiatives in areas like the Galapagos where animal species require protection. Whether you're exploring the Galapagos Islands or embarking on an Alaska expedition, support tourism initiatives that promote conservation, cultural preservation, eco-education, and local empowerment.

Day 6: Carbon Offset Your Flights 

Offset the carbon emissions from your flights by investing in carbon offset projects that support renewable energy, reforestation, and other climate mitigation efforts. Platforms like Cool Effect offer opportunities to offset your carbon footprint by supporting projects such as Bear Forest conservation in Alaska. Or offset through our partner Sustainable Travel International and support a myriad of projects ranging from renewable energy, social programs, forest conservation, to technological innovation related to mitigating climate change. By taking responsibility for your travel emissions, you can mitigate the environmental impact of air travel and contribute to global climate action.

Day 7: Shop Local and Support Ethical Practices

Whether you're shopping for travel souvenirs or seeking out handmade goods in your community, choose products that are made with care for people and the planet. Investing in local economies and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation and production has a positive impact on both a local and global scale. Support local businesses and artisans who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices. Many of our trips have opportunities to seek out local shopping experiences and often our smaller adventure trips provide personalized experiences with craftswomen and a chance to buy their products.

This Earth Week, let's honor Mother Earth through actions that protect and preserve our planet for future generations. By planting trees, supporting women-led reforestation reducing plastic waste, respecting marine life, traveling responsibly, offsetting carbon emissions, and shopping ethically, we can each play a part in building a more sustainable and resilient world. Together, we have the power to make a difference and create a brighter future for all living beings on Earth.