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November 20, 2020 — Fort Lauderdale, FL

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale! There is an abundance of things to see and do in the area: visit the Fort Lauderdale Beach and cafés, stroll the historic Riverwalk, shop the luxurious stores on Las Olas Boulevard or venture to the Everglades for an intriguing air boat excursion.

4 PM
November 21, 2020 — Havana, Cuba

While most Americans have never been there due to the U.S. government’s embargo of Cuba which started in 1962, the very word Havana still evokes a set of specific images—candy-colored vintage cars puttering along picturesque streets; smiling musicians playing familiar tropical tunes whose rhythms are so infectious that nearly everyone is seduced into dancing; cigar-smoking and rum-sipping locals against a palm-fringed background.

There’s a reason these have become the stereotypical visual symbols of Cuba’s capital city, but dive beneath the surface and you’ll find so much more: world-class sports matches, centuries-old historic sites and even a Chinatown in midst of a cultural revival. And while Havana may not be a global culinary capital (for the moment, at least), you can find plenty of delicious dishes served in friendly casual restaurants run out of private homes or in more-upscale spots with city and water views. As for shopping, you’ll definitely be able to purchase unique souvenirs to take home, from photo books about Cuban culture sold at the island’s only English-language bookstore to a hand-blended perfume or cologne packaged in a bottle that looks like a throwback to another era.

8 AM
November 22, 2020 — Havana, Cuba / At Sea
2 AM
November 23, 2020 — Cienfuegos, Cuba

The city of Cienfuegos is also the capital of the province of the same name. A port city on Cuba’s southern coast, Cienfuegos has played an important role in Cuba’s history since it was founded in 1819, when the island was still Spanish territory, and today it remains one of the country’s important commercial centers—a transit point for coffee, sugarcane and tobacco. It has both welcomed and resisted incursions from various people and interests over the past two centuries.

Both as the heart of Cuba’s sugar industry and as the birthplace of famous Cubans past and present, such as singer Benny Moré and baseball stars José Abreu and Yasiel Puig, the city looms large in Cuban consciousness, but it isn’t always on visitors’ itineraries, which is a shame. Cienfuegos boasts numerous attractions that give a fuller, more complex view of Cuban life, culture and history. This fact was recognized by UNESCO in 2005, when the organization inscribed the old center of Cienfuegos, with its many stately neoclassical buildings and “harmonious overall townscape” (to borrow UNESCO’s description), onto its World Heritage List.

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November 24, 2020 — Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have everything you would want from a Caribbean destination—warm breezes, clear seas and a laid-back attitude—but the archipelago also has something you might not expect: an exciting culinary scene. Between the celebrity chefs who’ve set up shop on Grand Cayman and the 135 or so resident nationalities that have helped season the island’s giant melting pot, this is, hands down, one of the best places to eat in the Caribbean. In and around George Town, the Cayman Islands’ capital, you’ll find such an amazing array of culinary offerings, you’ll fear for the future of any buttons, snaps or hooks on your waistband.

And that’s where the island’s other chief pleasures come in: There’s enough walking (whether along the fabled Seven Mile Beach, around historic sites or through lush gardens) as well as stunning swimming, snorkeling and diving to be done to counter the effects of... So. Much. Good. Food. Oh, and one warning: Should you wind up at Rum Point—Grand Cayman’s castaway beach imago—there’s a good chance your ship is, by your own design, sailing without you.

8 AM4 PM
Novemeber 25, 2020 — Cozumel, Mexico

Start your day off with a splash! Cozumel Island is one of the world’s premiere dive spots; the northern part of the Mesoamerican barrier reef lies just 200 yards off the shore. Snorkel above or dive alongside the reef for a chance to see exotic fish, lobsters, crabs, eels, stingrays and other sea critters. For those more akin to land, take a ferry across the channel to Tulum, where beautiful Mayan ruins sit perched on dramatic sea cliffs overlooking the Mexican Caribbean.

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Novemeber 26, 2020 — At Sea
November 27, 2020 — Fort Lauderdale, FL

day, you’ll disembark in Fort Lauderdale and head home.

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