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Olivia's VIP Program

Welcome to WOW, our exciting new VIP rewards program. We call the program WOW for many reasons. First, it celebrates YOU, our "Women of the World," which you are. WOW also sums up how we feel about each of you. We are who–and where–we are today because of you. And because of you, we are able to continue giving back to our community. We invite you to join the Olivia Nation and let us WOW you with amazing journeys, phenomenal entertainment, unparalleled experiences and unique rewards. So here's to you, our Explorers, Adventurers and Globetrotters...our "Women of the World." Thank you for being a part of the Olivia family

Program Basics: Each guest will receive specific "rewards" in recognition of the level they achieve based on the number of trips completed with Olivia. The higher number of trips taken, the more "rewards" the guest will receive.

Program Qualifications: Once you complete your 2nd, 5th and 15th trip, you attain the WOW Award Status for each level. You must travel with Olivia at least once every 2 years to maintain your status of Explorer or Adventurer. Once you become a Globetrotter, you are a Globetrotter for life!


  • EXPLORER – 2-4 trips
  • ADVENTURER – 5-14 trips
  • GLOBETROTTER – 15 Plus trips

Level Details:

You become a WOW VIP, eligible to receive all the benefits, once you complete your 2nd trip with Olivia. Once you complete the trip that qualifies you for the next level (2nd, 5th or 15th), you will receive our WOW packet that congratulates you and welcomes you to the new Award Status level which includes a Program and luggage tag for the specific level. After you complete your qualifying trip, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of your WOW packet.

VIP Level Rewards Chart

For information on the available rewards for a specific trip, please visit the trip details page and click on the Traveler Info tab.

Details of Program

Early Opportunity to Purchase New Trips: Announcements will be made to our WOW members via email prior to the general public for best selection of cabins/rooms and trip favorites before they sell-out!

Alumnae Cocktail Party*: Invitations are extended to our WOW members for a complimentary cocktail reception. Special drawings are available for discounts or prizes for those who attend!

WOW VIP Luggage Tag: An Olivia WOW Luggage Tag, indicating your Explorer, Adventurer or Globetrotter Status, will be awarded when you qualify on the completion of your 2nd, 5th, and 15th trips.

Special WOW offers not available to general public: Each WOW level will receive special offers from Olivia not available to the general public, and sometimes to each different level. This may include sweepstakes entry for an autographed Melissa Etheridge guitar, autographed CDs from a big-name performer, special entertainment offers, special discounts with our partners, last minute traveler specials, and much more.

Champagne/Wine in cabin upon arrival*: Be treated like the VIP you are with a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne in your room at embarkation on board the ship or arrival to your resort accommodation. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, please update your profile to indicate this.

Early notice of upgrade specials*: Be in a select group that will be offered discounted upgrade specials prior to the trip departure on a space available basis.

Complimentary upgrade to best available cabin*: Just prior to the trip, we will review the different levels based on when people booked and the number of trips they have been on to provide complimentary upgrades to the best available cabin on a space-available basis prior to trip. You will be contacted prior to the trip if the upgrade goes through.

Priority Embarkation Check-in*: A special line is reserved just for our WOW Adventurer and Globetrotter levels on select trips to bypass the long embarkation lines.

Priority Disembarkation*: Be one of the first off the ship at the end of the trip, with a special lounge set aside just for you to wait for your disembarkation announcements.

Dedicated Priority Phone When Calling Olivia: When you call Olivia's 800 number, your phone number will be immediately recognized as being WOW VIP and moved higher in the phone queue for a more immediate response time. A special phone number is available specifically for WOW VIPs to reach an Olivia representative. Look for this phone number in your enrollment packet.

Priority Spa reservations*: Email or call your special Globetrotter extension to request a time, day and treatment prior to your trip.

Priority seating for big-named performances*: On all large ships and select resorts where big-name entertainment will be appearing, we are reserving a special WOW VIP section just for Globetrotters. If the Globetrotter has a traveling partner who is not in that level, they can bring one guest.

Special invitation to WOW dinners*: Invitations will be extended to our Globetrotters to attend a special VIP dinner with the ship/resort Director, VP of Guest Experience and/or President of Olivia.

$50 ship/resort credit*: We will issue an on-board or resort credit of $50 to apply to your cruise/resort bill. Spend it on your favorite excursion, spa treatment or on Oliviawear!

Special "Meet-and-Greet"*: Be invited to a very special VIP WOW "Meet and Greet" that may include our Entertainers, Special Guests, Olivia staff and fellow Globetrotter VIPS.

*Special Notes:

Not all rewards are available for all trips. * indicates select trips. These rewards will be confirmed if they are offered on the specific trip you are booking at time of the reservation. In general, these (*) rewards are available on trips of more than 125 people unless otherwise indicated. For information on the available rewards for a specific trip, please visit the trip details page and click on the Traveler Info tab. Reserved seating for big-name entertainment is offered on large ships or resorts that have big-name entertainment, such as Indigo Girls, kd lang, etc...

Qualifications: Guests must travel with Olivia once every two years to retain award status. Guests who have attained Globetrotter Status will retain the Globetrotter Status for life.

For more information read our Olivia Nation Frequently Asked Questions.

For Reservations or Information, Click Here or
call (800) 631-6277 M-F 8:30am-5:30pm Pacific

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